Nana and Auntie Lala

nana-and-auntie-lalas-visit-sept-2016-010nana-and-auntie-lalas-visit-sept-2016-015nana-and-auntie-lalas-visit-sept-2016-017nana-and-auntie-lalas-visit-sept-2016-023nana-and-auntie-lalas-visit-sept-2016-057nana-and-auntie-lalas-visit-sept-2016-067nana-and-auntie-lalas-visit-sept-2016-075nana-and-auntie-lalas-visit-sept-2016-084nana-and-auntie-lalas-visit-sept-2016-085Possibly the topper to Thea’s Minnie-Moused, pink and purple birthday was a wonderful visit from Jason’s mother and sister. Auntie Lala is an excellent baker and arrived with a zucchini cake, and even helped Thea make the buttercream icing on her birthday cake into PINK.

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