Celebrate Wildwood

Wildwood Lake is something of a little oasis in Harrisburg, tucked away on Industrial Road where semi tractor trailer trucks make regular deliveries and students pass through on their way to the local community college up the road. My parents went to this annual “Celebrate Wildwood” event last year and came away telling me there’s lots of things for little kids to do, and we should go… so we did! We arrived just as the fun was beginning and Jim Rule, who used to write for Barney and Friends was up, and Thea eagerly volunteered on stage for his apple tree song (during which each child was a tree and was supposed to drop their apple sign when Jim “shook” them, but Thea’s tree required a little extra “shaking”). We bought popcorn at a kettle popper and went indoors to explore everything on display under faux kid-style microscopes and the mysteries be seen with big, prop-style magnifying glasses; to (momentarily) sit in the wildlife book reading nook; to run through the tunnel in the forest; and to examine all the wildlife gems the touch-in-feel table had to offer (briefly. We never stay in one place for very long). Then we followed the animal footprint stickers back outside and found our way to the temporary tattoo station, to a place for making terrific tree-ring slab necklaces, to color wooden snake necklaces at the WITF-TV booth (where my high school classmate, Heather Woolridge, was stationed and said she’s producing a conservation series for the station [how cool is that?!]). Then we circled back around to the stage and caught a few minutes of Billy B. and found a booth for making animal track tee-shirts. Finn kept taking off, running up any path he could find as I tried to wipe paint off Thea’s forearms and shirt, and he made it plain that he didn’t want to sit in the stroller. As his tantrum worsened, we tried to distract him, walking by the stuff-a-scarecrow and the paint-a-pumpkin stations, but it didn’t work so we headed to the car, stopping along the way at the ice cream truck for a treat during the car ride home. Success! A worthwhile trip to Wildwood!september-2016-015september-2016-018september-2016-030september-2016-037september-2016-050september-2016-051september-2016-055september-2016-058september-2016-059september-2016-061september-2016-064september-2016-066september-2016-069september-2016-070september-2016-075september-2016-078september-2016-079

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