Happy Halloween!


Thea loves Frozen, Elsa, and all things pink and sparkly, but she may love Darth Vader even more. It’s a good balance.


First trick-or-treat stop: Thirty feet from our front door, to our favorite neighbors! We are characters from The Force Awakens. Jason is an alien from the cantina, Thea is Darth Vader (the three-and-a-half-foot tall version!), Finn is Yoda (yep), and I am Rey the scavenger girl.


We ventured across the road to the neighborhood around Willow Park and joined Thea’s friend Jaxon and his mom and dad. The whole block was having a party, complete with a mid-road screening of The Wizard of Oz and interviews with Oz himself. Plus, incredible bubbling cauldrons, giant spiders straddling rooftops and glowing pumpkins. Finn wasn’t really interested in the candy collecting game, and seemed to be on a doggy tour – he wanted to see and pat as many puppies as possible. The only way I could lure him away from a house was to tell him there were more doggies up the street, and we just needed to follow Thea and Jaxon to find them.


I swear we had nothing to do with the middle finger technique here. We just got lucky she held her candy bucket this way… and Jaxon-the-Power-Ranger appears to be getting a kick out of it too 🙂

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