“Momma, let’s take a picture together!”


Good Family Robinson.



In the two months when I volunteered for the Cumberland County Democratic Committee, going door-to-door, Thea wanted to go with me every time. I admit that, initially, I winced at her more-than-occasional potty breaks in a three-hour stretch. I didn’t want to walk as slowly as she required, and I definitely did not want to stop every few minutes so she could get whatever out of her shoe or draw me a random rectangle on her clipboard paper. She is scared of dogs… And cats. This is serious business! Heavy sigh. But then I realized she adds the softness to this presidential race’s edges that makes it less traumatic and more tolerable. She makes me lighten up. Plus, her cuteness makes people in Lower Allen Township be nicer to me than they would be otherwise.


This is the day she graduated from ringing doorbells and knocking on doors to reading the house numbers to me: “Momma, that says one-eight-nine on the mailbox. Should we stop there?” Go preschool learning!

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