Baby Finn Hits the Not-So-Terrible (so far!) Twos


Finn and I had been up since about 5:30 when we heard Thea mumbling in her bedroom. So I refilled my coffee mug and Finn’s sippy cup, and we went upstairs. At the top of the steps, Thea grew quiet and Finn pushed open her bedroom door. “Happy birthday, Finn,” she said happily from the dark. And the early morning puzzle-put-togethers and play dough dates began. It was a nice way to start Finn’s birthday.


This is Finn’s signature howl-shriek. Today it was in reaction to his daddy being very silly.


We threw another My Gym birthday party, similar to Thea’s in September but simplified for the two-year old crowd. There were two one-year-olds, four two-year-olds, two three-year-olds, five four-year-olds, and two five-year-olds. This picture was taken on the ramp to the ball pit, and Jason and I agreed the ball pit seems to be like a Jacuzzi for the young toddler crowd!


This is the log swing. Finn wanted nothing to do with it but enjoyed gawking at the little girls having fun!


Thea took a brief dip in the ball pit… Today she carried this camera everywhere, even after accidentally slapping herself in the face with it a couple of times.


Oh my goodness, these are the bubbles!


Chasing, popping, laughing in the bubbles!


Finn’s classmate, Olivia and Thea waited patiently for Finn. One of the My Gym party hostesses had taken him to the back of the gym, to the costume closet. My Gym has a traditional “Birthday March” where the child emerges in an elaborate costume of their choice and is pulled to the front on a sled, where they perch on a swing while music plays and their friends clap and holler. Then they walk to their birthday cake and blow out their candles. The whole thing is truly fun and more sweet and funny than spoiling for a child.


Finn wanted nothing to do with the Birthday March. Instead, I carried him to the front and pointed out the puppy dog on his birthday cake, hoping to make him smile.


It worked. He smiled a bit and was mesmerized by the smoke from the candles (which I blew out) briefly, before he dragged a sleeve through the icing and I carried him away to eat Goldfish crackers.


This is Thea a little later, on the zipline.


Thea “taking pictures” with that camera she carried around all day.


Taking it all in, toward the end of the program.


Finn and his pal Meadow. They really are good buddies, just a little unsure of how to react here, apparently.


Finn and Olivia.


An exhilarating birthday.

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  1. As a grandparent, this was perfect fun: adorable, funny kids and antics, and then we got to go home. Hopefully, all the little ones were as “exhilarated” as Finn was!

    Liked by 1 person


  2. Happy Birthday Finn from Nana .Wish I could have been there to share the fun and that great cake! Love and hugs and kisses!



  3. Happy Birthday Finn!!!!!!! Looks like you had an Awesome Day of Fun!!!! Lot’s of Love and Kisses from Auntie LaLa!!!



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