Finn and Thea Meet the Beach: Thanksgiving in South Carolina

Over Thanksgiving, my Aunt Dana and my parents joined us for eight crazy days in Myrtle Beach. Many years ago, my grandparents owned a house on the beach in Garden City until Hurricane Hugo swept it away in 1989 and they decided not to rebuild. I was interested in seeing the beach I remember from my childhood. We hadn’t seen my aunt in quite a while. Plus, my cousins always meet on Thanksgiving for a reunion on a family farm in Johnsonville, South Carolina – about an hour’s drive from the beach – so there were great reasons to take this trip! On the airplanes, Finn – our toddler who loves to push buttons – really loved ringing the flight attendants to us over and over and turning our reading lights on and off.


This is the place where my grandparents’ beach house used to be, before the storm.


We walked out on the Garden City Pier, which has been built and rebuilt and is much longer than I remember. Also, now there’s a big bar and dance floor at one end and there are far fewer fish cutting stations lining the pier.


Thea and the sunrise.


Finn, Nonna, and the sunrise. Possibly puppy-spotting on the beach below.


It was chillier than we expected, so we spent time doing some touristy stuff at Broadway at the Beach. Ripley’s Aquarium is fantastic!


They had real mermaids!


A mermaid!




Jellyfish liked to be touched on their jelly bubble heads, not on their stingy tails. There were also rays, lots of fish and eels and other ocean creatures. But we learned that there are no dolphins or whales in captivity in South Carolina – it’s against the law!

Wonder Works was another fun place. There were lots of educational things to soak up some kid-energy.


Inadvertent family photo as we began touring Brookgreen Gardens and Zoo.



There’s an alligator snout in there to the left, I swear.


Family photo while waiting for the shuttle to the zoo.


Thea got her scavenger hunt prizes… even though we forgot to do it.


“Hi, birdie”, while laying in dried bird doo in the aviary at the zoo.


Ready to take on some more wildlife.


The Storybook play area at Brookgreen is wonderful. All the playstructures are based on fairytales.


Thanksgiving Day! I was having so much fun talking with folks and chasing the kids, I forgot to take many pictures.


My cousin Brana, her beau Max, and her grandfather Wayne.


Cousin Franz, Sophie, and Finn – Sophie’s #1 fan.


Thea… staying away from Sophie.


Aunt Dana and Thea discovering the world of YouTube kids songs… “I like apples and bananas…”


Coloring the tee shirt that Nana and Auntie Lala gave Thea for her birthday. It was a handy little project to do early one morning.


When Jason and I talk about this place we put the “Museum” in its name in air quotes because we were a little disappointed. When we arrived, I spent some time trying to figure out how the things inside tied to South Carolina’s history or state facts… but it’s basically just a big play area for kids.


Finn and Baba.


“I’ve got your nose!”

Thanksgiving 2017 395.JPG

I really wanted a picture of my happy family walking from the beach, but it was windy!

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  1. What a wonderful Thanksgiving vacation at the beach. Looks like all were all have a wonderful time making memories.

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  2. I loved waking up to the “chirping” in the next room!

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  3. doreen robinson December 1, 2016 at 4:47 am

    Great pics! Looks like a lot of fun for everyone.

    Liked by 1 person


  4. Awesome Thanksgiving!!!! Looks like you guys had a Wonderful Time in South Carolina!!!!! Love all the Pictures!

    Liked by 1 person


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