It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

We realized pretty quickly that all of our breakable ornaments needed to be placed at least 3.5 feet up. “Show us how high you can reach, Finn!”

Thea began her Santa letter-writing months ago, telling us she wanted Santa to bring Minnie earrings. Here, she put it in writing and added to the list: Mickey earrings, Goofy earrings, Daisy earrings, and a pink bag.
After mailing her letter to Santa, she wanted to show me some of her artwork posted in the preschool classroom. They’ve been talking about gingerbread and the Gingerbread Man story. Hers is the pink one with the question: “Why did the gingerbread girl run away?” and Thea answered “Because she’s the gingerbread girl!” So logical!

Showing off the December calendar in Finn’s classroom.

With all the talk of earrings from Santa, she got her ears pierced! Ladybug starter earrings!

Early morning holiday cookie making for family dinner at Uncle Carl and Aunt Jul’s house.

First snow that we’ve encountered this season… I think the first flakes in Camp Hill fell while we were away over Thanksgiving. Finn and Thea were thrilled to see the squirrels running along the snow-covered fence post caps in the backyard.
Jason’s Aunt Jul and Uncle Carl host family dinners each month at their house. This evening, she reminded me that she’s been doing this for nearly three years now. We are really lucky!
Finn followed four-year-old cousin Lainy through the house

The kids ate all the candy, cookies and Utz cheese snowballs that they could manage. Finn is suddenly eating more… and today he noticed candy!
I couldn’t quite capture the pretty green and red light-sprinkles on the family dinner house.

The Elves on the Shelf – tentatively named “Sparkle and Max” – are ready for their debut tomorrow morning, beginning the Twelve Days run up to Christmas.

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