“The Elves Are Watching!”

About three weeks ago, I decided that Finn and Thea really each need an elf to watch over them during the run up to Christmas. So we’ve had two elves (Sparkle and Max {aka Ooba Konooba}) living with us this week. I overheard Thea telling Sparkle she is going to be “really, really good, so Santa will bring Minnie earrings, Goofy earrings, and Daisy earrings… and I’ll help Finn be good too.”

The Elves are Watching 2016 001.JPG

Thea’s preschool class held their holiday program the day after they performed for the residents at Susquehanna View, the nearby retirement center. At SV, the teachers took terrific photos on their iPads and shared them with parents but, for safety reasons, we weren’t permitted to download them (which I was bummed about, but totally understand)… So, the next day, I was sitting with Thea’s entourage, waiting for the holiday program to begin at her school and wondering aloud whether we parents would be permitted to take photos… this is the best I managed among the sea of smartphones that went up when the singing began.
Thea’s entourage included Uncle Carl and Aunt Jul. Thea didn’t want to pose for pictures with her family, so we posed behind her while she ate cupcakes.
Baba, Nonna and Joanne also came to the program.
Thea posed with Santa (I think she wanted the gift he was giving each of the children)! It was a first! She’s been incredibly afraid of Santa every year, even when her dad was <ahem> closely allied with him during the Friends of Midtown Santa event two years in a row.
Aunt Dana sent us a big box of oranges! They are delicious, and Finn agreed. Finn doesn’t eat very much in general, and we were especially pleased to find another food he likes to eat.
Wednesday morning, the elves had magically landed in the bibs hanging on the kitchen hook above the sink counter. I’m so glad I keep forgetting to put them away.
Some impromptu sibling love I spied.
Thursday morning, Thea spotted the elves on the bookshelf.
Finn found them on the light fixture on Friday.

Saturday morning, the elves must’ve had a rockly magical landing from the North Pole. We found one with the Irish whisky and the other on the nearby ceiling fan.
We worked on decorating some Christmas cards to send with packages for Nana, Auntie Lala, and Aunt Dana.
Thea licked the seals on the envelopes (I love her unique way of doing this 🙂
Jason and I went to see the new Star Wars movie! (!!!)
Thea and Jason rolled the marzipan layer for the Irish Christmas cake. The tasty countdown has Really begun!
Finn and Thea spent time putting change in their Snoopy and Hello Kitty banks, which were gifts from Nana and Auntie Lala last Christmas… and, admittedly, immediately placed on high shelves so they wouldn’t be broken. But now my children are older and more responsible 🙂
Sunday morning, Thea found the elves situated at the front door.
We had our monthly Cracker Barrell breakfast with Jack and Maggie Ziengle, Uncle Carl and Aunt Jul.
Thea chatted with Santa during the Friends of Midtown’s annual Santa event at the Fire Museum in Harrisburg. Total nonchalance here! Finn muttered to Santa from a distance.

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  1. I so enjoyball the picture in the Robinson Album. What a nice way to chronicle Thea and Finn’s activities. Thank you so much. They are growing so fast and ate so adorable. Grandma Deanna

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  2. Love all the pics, so cute. Thanks for sharing. Hugs and kisses Nana

    Liked by 1 person


  3. Thank you for sharing. I enjoy seeing what you and the kids are doing. Love you, Aunt Dana

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