Christmas 2016: In with no candy and out with a home bakery

On Tuesday night, Sparkle hopped in a mason jar filled with Thea’s parade candy, and posted a note: “I am holding your candy for 2 days because you talked back to Mommy and slammed doors”. Wednesday morning, Thea crossed her arms and pouted: “I don’t want letters from Santa and Sparkle. I want presents”.

Finn was thrilled to unwrap a Mr. Potato Head, an early Christmas gift from our friend, Lynn.
They’re getting bigger every day, but they’re still small enough to fit in the table!
Picture 013.jpg
Sparkle returned Thea’s candy… all is well.

Picture 033.jpg
Christmas Eve morning: The convo around the mixer as the Irish Christmas cake icing whipped into peaks.
Vamping before the Irish Christmas cake.

Finn and I went to the Y for make-up swim classes that, unknown to us, had been cancelled earlier in the week.

So, instead, we splashed around in the rain puddles in the Y parking lot.
We made a low energy visit to the grocery store.

Jason and Thea put the final touches on the Irish Christmas cake.
We made shortbread cookies for Santa, and Thea dictated a letter to go with them: “Hello. Good job, reindeer. Good job, Santa, flying here. We are glad you are coming. We have some cookies.”
Santa wrote back: “Thea and Finn – Thank you for the cookies! They really hit the spot on this chilly night. The tree is decorated beautifully. I was disappointed to see all your toys and games laying on the floor in your playroom. It looks like you haven’t been doing your chores. Before you open any presents, you must clean up your playroom and, next year, you must do a better job of doing your chores and listening to Mommy and Daddy. Love, Santa”
Picture 006.jpg
Frozen calendar from Nana and Auntie Lala!
An incredible vest from Aunt Dana!

Modeling clay!

Dolled up to go to Uncle Carl’s and Aunt Jul’s house for eggs benedict brunch!
The family!
Finn peeled (and ate!) two clementines! I’m still marveling at his dexterity!
Thea’s all business with a red velvet mini cupcake.
Uncle Carl surprised us during our after-brunch romp around outside.
Gifts from Uncle Carl and Aunt Jul, happily accepted!
Sunbeam sunspots dancing across the ceiling of the car.
A post-brunch chat with Nana and Auntie Lala!
Picture 046.jpg
This is our new family member, Georgie. He’s programmed to do 12 commands and he doesn’t aggrevate our allergies. Finn’s first love.
Nonna and Baba had just arrived, Thea was very eager to look at the things they’d brought, and there’s a lot going on in this picture.
Thea likes to help others open their gifts.
The ladybug music box that Miss Lynn insisted Nonna give to Thea. It plays “You Are My Sunshine”, one of Thea’s favorite songs.
Christmas dinner!
Cutting into the Irish Christmas cake, eagerly
The end.

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  1. Busy day for all, I’m sure everyone is beat! Love to all and to all a good night.

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  2. Absolutely love this! Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family….this is priceless……..

    Liked by 1 person


  3. This is beautiful!
    Merry Christmas to you and your wonderful family…Cherish these memories with them…..they do grow up way too fast…

    Liked by 1 person


  4. Thank you for sharing the Robinsons Christmas with us. It looks like Thea and Finn had a super Christmas. See you soon. Love & Hugs ☃❤️

    Liked by 1 person


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