Bearing the Cold, Strep Throat and a Runny Nose

On Monday, Thea came down with a fever that raged and ebbed between doses of Tylenol, and Finn had an incredible runny nose and a terrible time trying to sleep at night. By Thursday evening, they were buoyed by amoxicillin for Thea’s strep throat diagnosis, Finn’s nose had cleared, and they were running around the kitchen island once again.

They boogied with Georgie-the-Puppy, who plays music and dances on command.

On Saturday morning, we were back to the Y for swim classes… and back to our routine of shooing Finn away from the buttons on the vending machines while we wait for Thea’s class to finish.

We went to the Yellow Bird Cafe for lunch, like we usually do.

DSC_7369.JPGShe said, “Finn is being Santa, and I’m taking pictures of the kids coming to sit on his lap”.

Thea and I met up with our friends Tracy, Rhys and Kaya at the Whitaker Center’s Kids Place. Rhys and Thea have been great friends since they met in the daycare nursery, more than four years ago.


And here’s the MVP of the week! Finn the potty-goer!

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  1. Deanna Morrison January 8, 2017 at 10:09 pm

    Life sure has been busy for you guys. Glad everyone is on the mend. Great MVP award to Finn and a budding photographer in the making. Thanks for sharing. Grandma Deanna

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  2. Way to go, Finn! (I know where there’s a similar photo of a little girl…..)

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  3. Giggles about the omoxicillian rage and potty party

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