Superheroes and Parkour

It’s been a week of breakthroughs, here at good family Robinson. Finn lost his socks in his snow boots, but figured out how to fish them out and put them on.

In Finn’s classroom, Thea pulled on a disposable lunch lady glove and broke his breakfast bar into bite-sized pieces. Then she kissed him goodbye for the day (or at least until they see each other on the playground).

She helped Jason track his weightlifting reps.
Jason and I had an evening out with our friends Lynn and Randy.

Thea had a substitute teacher in swim class, Mr. Bobby, and did some kick warmups, floated on her back perfectly well, and worked with kickboards.

Thea went to her friend Clara’s incredible superhero-themed birthday party at Momentum Female Fitness Center. Clara’s mom is the second grade teacher in Camp Hill, and Thea will he in her class someday.
In one of the party games, each child had a balloon tied to an ankle and the goal was to pop others’ balloons without having your own popped. There were a half-dozen older children, and Thea was the last young child in the game, holding her own among a few 7, 8 and 9 year-olds ’til the final three. I was so proud!


Thea watched a short Holderness Family video about parkour and became obsessed. Parkour is the sport of quickly moving through an area (typically in a city) and negotiating obstacles by jumping and climbing over them in a ninja-like manner. She built her own parkour obstacle course in her bedroom.

After parkour, we had a picnic lunch.
And we went for a walk in the mall, so Jason and I could get our steps in for the day (and Finn could take a nap).

Happy week!

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  1. Love it! See you soon.😎

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    1. See you soon, Momma. You’ll be dodging a big snow storm here – good job!



      1. We are hi-5ing each other on travel plans, and are extremely grateful to be “living the perpetual weekend.” Take care, enjoy the snow, and see you soon.” ❤️

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  2. Deanna Morrison March 13, 2017 at 2:29 pm

    I’m tired just reading your post. Thank You for sharing this busy little family’s achievements through out the week….how amazing. Hugs & Love

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