Earth Day and The Rain

Thea’s preschool teacher offered an Earth Day homework assignment: Make a windchime out of recyclable things such as plastic bottles, cans, sticks, old CDs, keys, small toys, or anything else we could imagine. For Thea, plastic bags, an egg carton, empty bubble wand containers, tiny bells, old barrettes, and painted TP rolls did the trick. Here’s a sampling of the glorious things now on display in the school lobby.
They paraded their windchimes through the playground and other classrooms, and taught other students the things they’ve learned about recycling this week.
Earth Day morning, we had a picnic in the playroom (with the ponies).

And our friends came over to go yardsale-ing with us, in the rain. Finn and Ulysses had an animated conversation before we left.

We visited a neighbor who has lots of lovely water fixtures and fountains, and the kids were fixated on all the rocks. Jason bought a hedge trimmer.

Later on our rainy Earth Day, we went to the mall to walk, and Finn and Thea were allowed a ride in the cars. Jason has dyed his beard “hops green” for Harrisburg Beer Week. The green has settled to a nice shade of blue.
Finn and Thea held an encore playroom picnic, the day after Earth Day.

Happy Week!


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  1. Deanna Morrison April 24, 2017 at 12:26 pm

    What a really neat wind chime..great job Thea. Looks like Finn was enjoying his friend’s company. Sure a nice well at the Robinsons. Hugs…Grandma Deanna



  2. doreen robinson April 24, 2017 at 7:24 pm

    Love the wind chime Thea. Great way to recycle!! Nice beard Jason! Love to all, Nana



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