Balloons Are the Highest Compliment

During the run up to Father’s Day, Thea’s summer camp went on their first field trip, and the kids had mixed emotions about the very bright sunshine at the fountain behind the State Capitol.image_cacheahZmcm9nc3F1YXJlZC1ncm91cC1wcm9kcmALEgpBdHRhY2htZW50IlA3Y2JlZjcxYS1kM2E0LTQzYzktOTJmOC0xZTdhNWZhMWZjNDdfMjIxNzcyMjMwXzEyNzQ5X1RlbmRlclllYXJzSW5jTWVjaGFuaWNzYnVyZwyiAQotLWdsb2J
Grandma Deanna came to visit!
The next day, Thea wore her new Lularoe dress, excited for her field trip to the Middlesex Township Splash Pad.
At the pool, Thea really, really wanted to go on the big slides, so she stood on her tip-toes to meet the height requirement.
But the lifeguard saw through her ploy and sent her back down the steps.
At Third In the Burg, Thea gave aerial yoga a try.

She signed her own liability waiver.
Early Father’s Day morning, we careened around the grocery store for awhile.
At home, we did all the important crayon and sticker prep work on the cards.
Thea did her typical thorough sealing jobs on the envelopes.
We’d dropped the butterfly balloon’s stick somewhere in the store, but we still had the “Hail to the Redskins” mini rose plant that Thea had picked out.
Happy Father’s Day to a groggy daddy.
Baba and Nonna came over, and Thea presented the butterfly balloon they’d selected for him.
They gave Jason an incredible new tee, which was especially appropriate as we headed off for our beginner’s yoga class, followed by brunch at HMAC’s Kitchen restaurant.
Later, Thea serenaded Finn as he tried to take an early evening nap that I really didn’t want him to take.
Eventually, he rallied and spent time bouncing on the trampoline with a balloon or two.  I don’t think there could be a happier picture.

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  1. Another Fun Filled Weekend!!! We wished Jason A Happy Father’s Day earlier today on the phone, but he left out a few details….I’m so glad you filled in the blanks Mattie…

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  2. Deanna Morrison June 19, 2017 at 6:48 am

    What a fun Father’s Day weekend. Thea’s dress looks great on her. Again Thank you for sharing . Love. Grandma Deanna

    Liked by 1 person


  3. Baba enjoyed the balloon and the brunch! Love you all.

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