We tipped off the grandmas about the first big game of the season. East Pennsboro Rec League Soccer: Wildcats vs. Tigers. Grandma Deanna didn’t know what was coming, when she arrived for a visit.
She even brought Pizza Grille pizza and the Pennsylvania Bakery pink boxes that make mouths water.  There were chocolate eclairs…
Treats for Finn and Thea…

And Thea led us in a tune, to wind down the evening.
We told Nonna about the big game.
And the Saturday soccer festivities began with a team huddle (line).
And a pep talk from Dad.
Then, they were off.
A tickle fight broke out at half-time, but I didn’t catch it on camera… I have a feeling there will be another chance.
At the end, the teams lined up for high-fives and “good games”.
It may have been Thea’s favorite part.
I’ve been working at the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO since June, and we brought the RV to our COPE Conference cook-out. I was too close for a good pic, but hopefully you get the idea.
We went to the Camp Hill track, and Thea wore a baseball hat like mine. Except for the long blonde Elsa braid.
They munched some Elmo cookies that Grandma Deanna had dropped off earlier in the week.

Jason and I went to a winery, and we came home to find our kids tucked in a fort.
Then, they started a new school year: Kindergarten and Little Guppies!
In downtown Harrisburg, my colleagues and I watched the solar eclipse through selfies, a pinhole camera, and borrowed welding masks from USW workers working nearby.

My colleague, Jada and I found a really good peach sangria.
Thea finished her first week of Kindergarten.  There are no daily naps in Kindergarten, so she was pretty tired by the end of the week.

They swept the sidewalk.
And Finn wanted to paint the back of his “first day of school” poster.
Thea’s kindergarten friend, Lucas, turned 6, and they celebrated at a bowling alley.
On the same day, another kindergarten friend, Raegan, turned 5 and there was a Moana themed party at her house. The backyard hammock may have been a little scary.
And, at the end of the day, Jason helped Thea figure out how to fly the helio glider she got in her party favor bag from Lucas’ party.
It ended up in our new neighbor’s yard, so we went over for chat.
Stay tuned!



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  1. I love your Family Robinson updates! Looking forward to next edition.

    Liked by 1 person


  2. Deanna Morrison August 27, 2017 at 3:24 pm

    What a fun week. So loved watching Thea play soccer. Another great week with the Robinsons. Love ya!! Grandma Deanna

    Liked by 1 person


  3. Loved it!!! XXXXOOOO! Nonna

    Liked by 1 person


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