Changes and Christmas

We didn’t use the pre-built gingerbread house and the icing mortar took two days to harden enough that we felt assured the sides wouldn’t collapse. The kids decorated it and quickly picked the candies right off again.
While Jason worked at River Rescue, we passed some time at the State Museum. Riding the escalators is a highlight!

We sold our house! We are thrilled (don’t let our expressions here fool you)!

We closed on our new house!  We’re not moving there until December 16, but we’re already visiting often. The kids have picked out their bedrooms. The one with the handpainted mermaid and rainbow in the closet was made for Thea. They were fascinated by the cleaning utensil drawer under the kitchen sink, the springy doorstopper, the chalkboard wall, and the mail slot in the front door. Finn helped Jason make some measurements for furniture.

After drop-off at school, Thea blew “a hundred kisses” to me from her classroom window, as she does every morning (she’s the pink blur, second from the left).

Flat Stanley returned from his visit to Uncle John in Des Moines! Thea is excited to share the pictures and narrative with Mrs. Lauver and her classmates!

Our new house is next to a park and a wonderful playground. The kids took off across the lawn.


There’s an elephant drinking fountain! We explained that the borough turns off the water during the cold weather months, but they still enjoyed the perch.

There’s a tire swing in our new backyard!
We walked to the Toys-for-Tots Holiday Parade on Market Street, and found one of Thea’s classmates along the way.
They had their toys piled up, ready to donate.
In return, they got candy!  Candy, candy, and more candy!
After the parade, we walked to the borough building for festivities with Santa and the visiting Quaker City String Players, and the tree lighting.  Thea was in awe of Santa (she’s the one on the left, standing in the pink coat and gray and orange pom-pom hat).

Baba and Nonna came over to see the new house and go to the parade, and then we ate dinner at Chef Wong’s.
Jason and Thea gave the Irish Christmas cake its weekly feeding.
I packed some boxes for the move, and Thea labeled them.
After labeling a few boxes, she spent the rest of the time playing spaceship and sleighride with Finn, and directing him in how to write his name all over the empty boxes.

Lastly, she began making some holiday treats for faraway family. Stay tuned!

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  1. It’s So Awsome that you SOLD your house the same week that you closed on your New House!!!! The Kids sure seem Happy with their New House!!! Can’t wait to see it next time we visit!!! Love & Kisses from Auntie LaLa!!!! XOXOXOXO

    Liked by 1 person


  2. Deanna Morrison December 5, 2017 at 8:55 am

    I’m so excited for you home new memories. I’m sure the type guide will love showing off the new home. Enjoy..Love Ya!! Grandma Deanna



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