Jason’s Blue Razzberry tongue matched Finn’s shirt, and Thea was all about her furry sweater, dangly earrings, and barrettes.


They got excited about plans to swim at the Y, and insisted on practicing in the tub.


Thea used her Toys ‘R Us gift card to buy a Captain Phasma gun that shoots Nerf pellets, and it was the household obsession for a few days.


They received their first Kiwi Crates in the mail, thanks to a Christmas gift subscription from my parents, and gleefully pieced together their xylaphone and tamborine to make music.


And a few days later, they opened the “My Body and Me” Kiwi Crate project box, and built a stethoscope. Thea listened to her heart…


and various household appliances…


They made felted organs and placed them on the body diagram…


And made “X-rays” using static cling “bones” on coated paper.


I don’t have pictures of the moment when Thea, Finn and I took our X-ray paper into a dark pantry closet to see the “X-ray paper glow”, and accidentally locked ourselves inside for about 15 minutes.

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  1. Hahaha…..How did you guy’s get out of the closet? Look’s like lot’s of fun in the new house!!!! Love & Kisses from Auntie LaLa!!!

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    1. I finally fiddled the old doorknob just right, and the lock caught.



  2. I’m so glad they’re enjoying the crates. It was a great suggestion from my friend Alice. Good to hear you got out of the closet okay! Love you all, Nonna

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  3. What a great gift..the crates. Looks like lots of fun. They have so much fun in their new house….Thank you for sharing their week. Love you all..Grandma Deanna

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