Memorial Day Weekend

At the dentist on Tuesday, Finn compared his teeth to the shark’s teeth.
May 2018 001
He was thrilled with his new Captain America toothbrush and the rest of his new dental loot, and he did a backseat show-and-tell all the way to school.
May 2018 003
Thea went on a tour of Hoover Elementary School, where she’ll be a first grader in the Fall.
May 2018 004
She especially liked the music classroom.
May 2018 005May 2018 006
Finn ate corn-on-the-cob for the first time!
May 2018 007
But Thea had a very loose, wiggly front tooth, and could not eat corn on the cob.
May 2018 008
Finn couldn’t wait to brush his teeth, with his new dental loot!
May 2018 010
On Saturday, Jada and I took the kids to breakfast at Roxy’s.
May 2018 011
And to the State Museum, to play.
May 2018 012
And visit the amazing mammal dioramas.
May 2018 014May 2018 015
Then we walked down to Artsfest, along Riverfront Park.
May 2018 016
Later, the pool was open and the kids couldn’t have been any more excited!
May 2018 017
May 2018 020
Thea lost that wiggly front tooth!
May 2018 021
Jason arrived and they headed to the water slides. In each of the past couple summers, the lifeguards have told her she’s not quite tall enough to go…
May 2018 024
But, this Summer, she got the nod!

May 2018 027May 2018 028May 2018 029
The next morning, we met some good friends for breakfast, and Thea took Jack’s teasing in stride.
May 2018 031
A little later, we explored the neighborhood some more, and Thea wanted to be in charge.
May 2018 034
Nana, Auntie Lala and Bill came over to cook out and eat. They put the finishing touches on some incredible Angel Food cupcakes, filled with Coolwhip and pineapple.
May 2018 037
And topped with strawberries.
May 2018 039May 2018 040
Thea was thrilled with her half-dollar take from the Tooth Fairy. She’s reported that John F. Kennedy, Jr. is her favorite president: “I like his hair”.
May 2018 044
We went back down to Artsfest, and Thea got a butterfly painted on her check.
May 2018 045
Finn got his daily dose of chocolate.
May 2018 046
We ran into Shawn and Olive.
May 2018 047
I asked Finn if he was making a wish on the river, but it turned out he was just trying to blow the cobwebs off the bridge railing.
May 2018 048
Then, we went out to the country and had a nice lunch with Joanne, Nonna and Baba.
May 2018 051
We went for a walk and spotted a few horses and geese.
May 2018 053
Thea picked some flowers for me.
May 2018 054
Finn stood on a tree stump and examined his dirty fingers.
May 2018 057
And later, back at home, we played some hopscotch.
May 2018 058
And tried out our new sidewalk chalk!
May 2018 060




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One Comment

  1. Deanna Morrison May 31, 2018 at 1:39 pm

    So Happy to see Thea like her new classroom. I’m sure she is going to love it. And glad to see Finn likes his dental package..taking care of his pearly whites. Thank you for sharing. Love, Grandma Deanna



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