Kindergarten Graduation, Bikes, and Friends

Long live the class of 2030! Thea was very excited on her graduation day. She wore her best butterfly outfit.

June 2 2018 001June 2 2018 003
She and her classmates had a whole performance prepared, showing off their incredible skills. Here, they’re pretending to be dinosaurs.
June 2 2018 009And then, Mrs. Lauver presented their mortar boards, diplomas, and Bookworm reading certificates.
June 2 2018 014

Family came to watch the event! They posed for this picture, as we waited outside the Preschool classroom for Finn to wake from his nap. Then, we went back to our house, and Thea was the center of attention. She got a lovely blue dress and an Amazon Fire tablet, filled with learning games.
June 2 2018 022

June 2 2018 024June 2 2018 031June 2 2018 034June 2 2018 037

June 2 2018 040

On the last day of Kindergarten, Thea wore her new blue dress and Mrs. Lauver had a final message for the sign-in board.

June 2 2018 050

I had a quick look at the word families posted on the wall, and noticed one special ‘in’ word… Finn must have been on her mind.

June 2 2018 052

One of her last moments as a Kindergartener…. and the start of a grumpy breakfast across the hall, as I left for work.

June 2 2018 054

June 2 2018 056

The next day, Thea and I snuck out for an early morning bike ride.
June 2 2018 057

June 2 2018 065

We practiced for the Tour de Belt bicycle ride. Jason hauled the kids, and I followed along on my bike.

June 2 2018 070

June 2 2018 073

Thea re-configured the butterflies on her wall.

June 10, 2018 002

When Thea was a baby, we had to find new homes for our two dogs. One of them – Ava – lives with Jason’s boss and his family, who live in our neighborhood. On Friday evening, Jason and Finn took Ava for a walk (and Finn had a little scrape on his cheek).

June 10, 2018 006

Later in the weekend, Finn and Thea rode their bikes around the neighborhood, and Finn figured out how to walk his bike on his own.

June 10, 2018 009June 10, 2018 011

June 10, 2018 014

Thea attempted handstands… and our friends Cassidy and Jada came to visit!

June 10, 2018 022


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  1. We’re very proud of our new graduate and of everyone’s wonderful biking skills!
    Love, Nonna & Baba

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  2. So proud of you Thea..a BIG first grader this fall how fast you are growing up. Thank yippy for sharing these memories.
    Love…Grandma Deanna

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  3. YAY for another edition of The Good Family Robinson.

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