Summer In the Rearview

My sister- and mother-in-law may just celebrate our special holidays, including our wedding anniversary, better than we do. Laura made an amazing cake… coffee was an ingredient, so there was excuse not to let the kids have seconds – more for the grownups!

Summer 2018 007
I’m pretty sure she lost three more teeth this summer, including both front ones. Early one morning, she eagerly woke Finn to brag about her take from the Tooth Fairy.
Summer 2018 010
In mid-July, Thea, Jason and Finn ran the Harrisburg Mile.
Summer 2018 012
And, afterwards, the littles ate French fries by the river.
Summer 2018 026
They had quite a cheering section.
Summer 2018 037Summer 2018 043Summer 2018 045
Thea and Finn built airplanes.
Summer 2018 051
Finn’s teacher assigned: “Use recycled materials to make anything you want,” so we built a fire truck.
Summer 2018 062
Uncle John came to visit, and Laura made a wonderful blueberry blue velvet cake to celebrate our August birthdays… and Thea couldn’t resist a photo bomb.
Summer 2018 065
Later, back in Beverly Park…
Summer 2018 067Summer 2018 072Summer 2018 077
Finn showed me that he’s grown so much this summer, he fits Thea’s bike better than his own. He wants a red one just like hers, he says…
Summer 2018 079
She tried for some hoops.
Summer 2018 083
And got a little frustrated.
Summer 2018 089
We pieced together the contents of a fantastic cooking-themed Kiwi Crate.
Summer 2018 102Summer 2018 104
Jason cooked some tasty dishes for his friend’s “Bacon, Brews, and BBQ too” fundraising event.
Summer 2018 110Summer 2018 112
Thea invited Nonna to her birthday party.
Summer 2018 114
Finn participated in his preschool class’ graduation event (but we’re sending him for a second round, a second year in that classroom – it’s really that terrific)!
Summer 2018 118
Miss Katie called his name and presented a little diploma.
Summer 2018 121
After the ceremony, he ate cookies with his gal pal Olivia.
Summer 2018 129
Thea attended Back-to-School night at Hoover Elementary.
Summer 2018 139
And later, passed some time on a playground, as she awaited her soccer photo session.
Summer 2018 143
Here is her NEW Wildcat team (she was on the Wildcats last year, but with mostly different players and a different lead coach).
Summer 2018 167
She played in her first game of the season, and scored 6 of the 7 goals scored during the game! She has pretty good hustle, but she’s still working out her ball hog tendencies. Being 5-turning-6 has its advantages among four- and five-year-olds.
Summer 2018 191Summer 2018 192
Here’s the team line-up before they slapped hands with kids on the other team.
Summer 2018 193
She had quite an entourage, on the sidelines.
Summer 2018 200
At home, she read aloud the birthday card she received from Joanne.
Summer 2018 204
That evening, she participated in her very first Girl Scout event, as a new addition to Camp Hill’s Daisy troop! Here, she and her friend Leah prepared to tie-dye t-shirts.
Summer 2018 213Summer 2018 218
She earned her first badge and mingled with Brownies and Juniors!
Summer 2018 223
At a birthday party held at a nearby sports complex, Finn and Thea played air hockey for the first time. They really took to it… I just had to keep reminding Finn to keep his non-shuttling hand off the table.
Summer 2018 226Summer 2018 233
She really, really wanted to win a stuffed unicorn in the claw game… and I realized how hard it is to explain to a five-year-old how these games are rigged.
Summer 2018 242
She was more than a little letdown that her 10+ tries didn’t work out.
Summer 2018 245
Meanwhile, Finn was having a good time playing Space Avengers.
Summer 2018 248
At home, we went back to basics with a simple game of hop scotch.
Summer 2018 254

Stay tuned! Thea is on deck for her first day of first grade!

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  1. Have a GREAT DAY, Thea! Can’t wait to hear about it.
    Love you all!

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