Soccer and the Camp Hill Fire Department

The chill and wind kept some soccer players away this morning, but we made it out and Thea was all about making goals. This time, she even passed the ball to her teammates a couple times, which made me proud!
mid October 2018 017mid October 2018 020
The half-time snack is always very exciting.
mid October 2018 023
On the sidelines and at halftime, Finn found preschool pals to pass the ball.
mid October 2018 024
After the game, we went over to the Camp Hill Fire Station, where there were big festivities. First, we ate lunch in the bay.
mid October 2018 029mid October 2018 031mid October 2018 035mid October 2018 037
There were rides in the bucket lift (the fire chief snapped this pic, just before the operator took us up).


They extinguished some faux fires with a fire hose.
mid October 2018 039mid October 2018 040
mid October 2018 061.JPG
They met Sparky, the fire dog!
mid October 2018 045
mid October 2018 060.JPG
There was even a firepit set-up for marshmallow roasting, and making s’mores!
mid October 2018 049mid October 2018 051
The PA National Guard led kids in some simple calisthenics: “Do as many jumping jacks as twice your age!”

mid October 2018 056
The mantrailing bloodhounds were on hand, and they got a lot of attention from Finn… and Thea too! She let me take this photographic evidence of her petting a dog.
mid October 2018 063
Later, we made our way home and rode bikes up to Sheaffer Field.
mid October 2018 070
And back in Beverly Park, Finn proclaimed himself “Super Buddy!” and leaped from a picnic table. He explained that Super Buddy’s superpower is zooming, so we zoomed around the park for a good long while, and he’s sleeping very well right now 🙂
mid October 2018 072




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  1. WOW…busy day for the Robinson clan. Love the pictures at the firehouse. Glad you had a good fall day.

    Love ya!
    Grandma Deanna ❤️

    Liked by 1 person


    1. Thank you, Deanna. Hope you’ve had a good day too!



  2. Whew! All that running, fire fighting, bike riding, and zooming! Sleep,well…❤️

    Liked by 1 person


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